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Our Mission

To provide the opportunity for adults with developmental and physical disabilities to participate in music and arts, regardless of their abilities. To nurture all in a fun, safe, and inclusive environment.

What we do


Choral Morphosis is a music program designed for adults 16 and older with a developmental or physical disability.  We strive to meet the needs of a wide array of ability levels while taking financial ability into account.  We keep our registration fees low to accommodate anyone in any financial situation.  We pride ourselves in being able to reach many different people.

Choral Morphosis works hard to be an inclusive program.  We perform with different groups and in many different settings.  We have performed with members of Robertson-Wesley United Church Choir, The King's University College Education students, St. Timothy’s Anglican Church Senior choir, opening ceremony for Alberta Summer Games and at multiple International Day for Persons with Disabilities events.

What we believe


Music has the power to reach people no matter their race, age, gender or ability level.  We use music as a way to express ourselves and bring joy to life! Choral Morphosis is a high energy, group that can bring a smile to your face.  We welcome anyone and have a firm belief that if you are there you must join in the fun!

Choral Morphosis

Who can join


Anyone 16 and older with a love of music is welcome to join Choral Morphosis! 

We have members of various ages and abilities.


There is no audition required for our choral program, anyone is welcome no matter what their musical ability. The choral arts program is also non-auditioned but ability to is a more advanced program designed for those that are looking for something more challenging.  See our choral arts program page for more information.

How we are funded


Choral Morphosis and the Choral Arts program are primarily funded by generous donators, fundraising and the Robertson-Wesley Music Society.

We have also received funding from the United Church of Canada Seeds of Hope, and the Alberta Community Initiatives program. Robertson-Wesley United church and Mill Woods United donates their space for weekly rehearsals, concerts or fundraising events. 

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