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Choral Morphosis Arts Society

What is CMAS?

Choral Morphosis Arts Society is the offical name of our not for profit society.

CMAS Board


Left to Rigtht: Melissa Hladyshevsky, Ian Murdock, Tammy-Jo Mortensen, Donna Pickle and Karlene Guy

What are the objetives of CMAS?

  • To provide musical and arts programs for adults with physical and developmental disabilities.

  • To raise funds to achieve the Society's objectives, including gifts, donations, grants, legacies, bequests and inheritances.

  • To use funds of the Society only according to and in pursuit of these objects or other charitable objects.

  • To provide the infrastructure to run the programs.

  • To foster relationships between the Society and other organizations.

Who can be a member of CMAS?

A Member is any person who completes an application and pays the annual $25 fee. It is assumed members have the capacity to participate fully in the business of the Society, as required by law.

CMAS Board




Member at Large

Member at Large

Melissa Hladyshevsky

Karlene Guy

Donna Pickle

Ian Murdock

Tammy-Jo Mortensen

Why Should I Become a Member of CMAS?

To support our programs and help keep them running. Click button below to become a member of the Choral Morphosis Arts Society.

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